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Let me be very clear.This is completely free.Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner who wants to make money online, maintain clarify on the most important tasks and get more headspace?Discover;
- How to free up your time for what really matters, and reduce your stress
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Introducing Samuel JacksonWell hey, how are you going?I'd love to share all the ways I can help you...Before that, I need to introduce myself because right now, you likely have absolutely zero idea who I am, why I spell my name funny or any reason to trust anything I've put online.At the minute, I’m no more than some random guy on the internet who is shouting about productivity, making money online and being less stressed.Right?So, allow me to introduce myself.My name is Samuel Jackson.

samuel l jackson oh really?

(not that one - I’m not that cool)Online, I go by the name 'SamJaxx' - have you ever tried to outrank a mega star on Google with the same name?No?It's hard - don't try, just change your name.So, I'm SamJaxx, with no access to a magic hammer, time travel or an Ironman suit (yet 😏).I help freelancer and entrepreneurs, outsource tasks or just do it themselves in half the time.


I also help larger businesses prepare their business for an Operational Director or Operations Manager (using my Chief Optimisation Officer COOΒ² Framework 😏)I’m also the Head of Product for an Aerospace Company where I’ve had the pleasure of:- Working on Fighter Jets
- Developing medical and pharmaceutical projects
- Partnering with Professors from Oxford University
- Supported the RAF with their latest tech
- Took a Military Software process from 12 people 8 weeks, to 12 people 1 day (More on this in a minute)
- Launching startups
- Developing tech for early stage companies
- Building Augmented Reality Gaming Systems using Web3 and crypto
...And a few other crazy little adventuresBasically, the Tl;Dr of all that is I live a life that is full of high pressure, complex systems and if I get these things wrong it can cost people a lot of money and/or people’s lives.I also get how and more importantly when to leverage tech to make systems more efficient - it's less often than you'd think, simple often wins.When I say that I understand how to create systems - I really do mean it.I'm a married family man and believe that remote work with clear individual contributions and distributed virtual organisation is the future, not to mention exceptionally efficient compared with traditional models of operations.


The great thing about the models I've developed is they're also more aligned with what makes people happy.Build a life that people enjoy and not only is it more effective, efficient and productive, people feel more fullfilled - who knew πŸ€·β™‚οΈ (lots of people actually, it's only just becoming more culturally acceptable.)I spend my free time playing with my son, relaxing with my wife and enjoying the outdoors.Personal health and fitness is a huge part of my belief system so I value firm boundaries around work to prioritise this.If you're looking to be more 4 Hour work Week and less 40-hour work week, then lets have a chat and see how I can help.

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